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  1. Mar 14, 2015 · The blizzard started on Sunday Jan. 2, 1949 and proved the worst of the century. The first storm would be followed by two more months of snow and bitter cold. The National Weather Service eventually reported 12 people dead in Wyoming after the first storm. Twenty-eight more died in western South Dakota, Colorado and Nebraska.

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    The Storm of the Century, also known as the Great Blizzard of 1993, was a large cyclonic storm that formed over the Gulf of Mexico on March 12, 1993, and dissipated in the North Atlantic Ocean on March 15. It is unique for its intensity, massive size and wide-reaching effect.

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    The Blizzard of 1949 is considered one of the worst on record for the northern Plains. The first storm began January 2 and continued through January 5, with heavy snow, strong winds and cold temperatures. Subsequent storms through mid-February produced enormous snow drifts that paralyzed much of the region. Roads and railroads were blocked, so airp...

    While only one person died in western South Dakota, twelve deaths were reported in Wyoming, seven in Colorado and 20 in Nebraska. (Some Outstanding Blizzards, U.S. Department of Commerce, Environmental Science Services Administration, Environmental Data Service, Revised December 1966).

    January 1949 is the snowiest January on record for many of the observing stations in the Black Hills region. Snowfall during the month ranged from 12 to over 40 inchesthree to eight times the normal of four to eight inches. It was also one of the coldest Januarys recorded, even with several days between blizzards reaching highs in the 50s and even ...

  4. The first snowstorm hit November 19, 1948, and the second on December 29, to be followed on January 2-5, 1949, by another. State and local highway crews found that no sooner had they opened a stretch of road than it was closed again by drifting or by fresh snow. Trains were stalled, and for days in many areas the only effective transportation ...

  5. May 14, 2020 · Read below to learn more about this incredible Wyoming weather event that made history On the evening of January 2, 1949, a massive blizzard hit Wyoming, Nebraska and the Dakotas with little warning. Wyoming PBS/YouTube This early January storm wasn't predicted to be as bad as it turned out to be, and many people were caught off guard.

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