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  1. May 28, 2019 · Contribution to Evolutionary Theory Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was heavily influenced by Lyell’s book Principles of Geology – a description of how the Earth was formed by forces that are still at work today.

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    Born November 14, 1797 - Died February 22, 1875 Charles Lyell was born on November 14, 1797, in the Grampian Mountains near Forfarshire, Scotland. When Charles was only two years old, his parents relocated to Southampton, England near where his mother's family lived. Since Charles was the oldest of ten children in Lyell family, his father spent a l...

    Instead of pursuing his love of Geology, Lyell moved to London and became a lawyer. However, his eyesight began to worsen as time went on and he eventually turned to Geology as a full-time career. In 1832, he married Mary Horner, the daughter of a colleague in the Geological Society of London. The couple had no children but instead spent their time...

    Even while practicing law, Charles Lyell was actually doing more Geology than anything. His father's wealth allowed him to travel and write instead of practicing law. He published his first scientific paper in 1825. Lyell was planning to write a book with radical new ideas for Geology. He set out to prove that all geologic processes were due to nat...

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  2. Learn more about Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875) and his contribution to our understanding of the Earth's history and geological time. Sir Charles Lyell (1797-1875) was a Scottish geologist whose geological discoveries informed a revelatory shift in our understanding of the Earth and its history.

  3. Jul 7, 2022 · What Did Charles Lyell Contribute To The Theory Of Evolution? On: July 7, 2022 Asked by: Haven Cummings Advertisement Charles Lyell (1797–1875) was a well-known English geologist. Darwin took Lyell’s book,Principles of Geology, with him on the Beagle. In the book, Lyell argued that gradual geological processes have gradually shaped Earth’s surface.

  4. In archaeology: First steps to archaeology. Lyell, in his Principles of Geology (1830–33), popularized this new system and paved the way for the acceptance of the great antiquity of man. Charles Darwin regarded Lyell’s Principles as one of the two germinal works in the formation of his own ideas on evolution. Early stone tools….

  5. Lyell and Evolution 263 According to this view, the theory of evolution by natural selection can now be seen, and was regarded by its founders and their contemporaries, as a 'conscious contribution to Lyellian historical geography'.9 But this interpretation makes Lyell's reluctance to accept Darwin's and Wallace's gift appear rather odd.

  6. Lyell travelled widely in Europe, where he observed ancient raised seabeds separated by lava flows, and became convinced that Hutton's model of gradual geological change was correct.

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