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    Charles Bowdre (1848 – December 23, 1880) was an American cowboy and outlaw. He was an associate of Billy the Kid and member of his gang.

    • December 23, 1880 (aged 31–32), Stinking Springs, New Mexico
    • Charles Meriwether Bowdre, 1848, Wilkes County, Georgia
    • Ranch hand, gunfighter, outlaw
    • Gunshot wounds
    • Chris Bylsma_The Kid_ill-fated Charlie Bowdre
    • CHARLEY BOWDRE: Character Creator (Young Guns Week) RDR2
    • Charlie Bowdre @ The Wells Fargo Bank
    • Lincoln County Regulators
  2. Charles “Charlie” Bowdre was a friend to Billy the Kid, who fought alongside of him in the Lincoln County War. Though not known to have been involved in outlaw activities, his relationship with the gang made him suspect. Charlie Bowdre came from a prominent family in Wilkes County, Georgia where he was born in 1848.

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    Aug 19, 2019 · Charlie Bowdre was a famous gunslinger, outlaw, and cowboy in the wild west. He became notorious because of his association with Billy the Kid as a member of his gang during the Lincoln County War and after. His friendship with Billy the Kid would lead to his death. Early Life of Charlie Bowdre

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    Charles Bowdre was born in 1848 in Georgia. When he was three years old his family moved to Mississippi. He grew up working on his father's farm and quickly learned the trade of being a farmer.

    • 1848
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    Charles Bowdre (1848 – 1880) was born in Georgia and moved with his family to Mississippi as a child. He left the family farm to become a wanderer, and by 1874 had arrived in Lincoln County, New Mexico. Over the following years, he joined posses that chased cattle rustlers, and lynched those captured.

    • Khalid Elhassan
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    Jul 13, 2015 · Bowdre was born in Wilkes County, Georgia. When he was three years old, he and his parents moved to Mississippi. By 1854, young Charlie started working in his father’s farm, and as he grew up became an adept farmer. Much of what Bowdre did between the year in which his last sister was born (1863) and 1874, remains a mystery.

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    Fleeing from Garrett's posse, the men hid out in a shelter at Stinking Springs, where they were surrounded during the night, and in the early morning when Bowdre emerged to tend the stock, he was shot to death. His remains were returned to his wife at Fort Sumner for burial.

    • 1848, USA
    • Charles Meriwether
    • 23 Dec 1880 (aged 31–32), New Mexico, USA
    • Old Fort Sumner Cemetery, Fort Sumner, De Baca County, New Mexico, USA
  8. Charlie Bowdre's Bood Stained Photo – True West Magazine

    Nov 19, 2015 · Billy the Kid’s friend Charlie Bowdre carried in his pocket a photo of his wife Manuela and him. That’s where it was on December 23, 1880 when a posse led by Lincoln County Sheriff Pat Garrett gunned Bowdre down at Stinking Springs. Charlie’s blood stained the photo, which was taken from the body by Garrett and kept as a memento.

  9. "And speaking of which...": The Life and Death of Charlie Bowdre

    Apr 23, 2012 · Less well known is one of "The Kid's" gang, a Mississippian by the name of Charlie Bowdre. Charles Meriwether Bowdre was born in Georgia in 1848 but moved to DeSoto County, Mississippi, with his parents at a young age.

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