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    cus·tom·er serv·ice


    • 1. the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services.
  2. What Is Good Customer Service? Definition and Guideline | sg ... › what-is-good-customer-service

    Jul 14, 2021 · To me, customer service is about assessing and addressing the source of a customer's problem and striving to find a solution that fulfils their needs by utilising in-depth knowledge of the company's product or service.

  3. Internal Customer Service: Definition And Best Practices ... › internal-customer-service
    • Create a Culture of Service. This goes without saying. Create a culture in your workplace that rewards respectful behavior, professionalism, and politeness amongst employees.
    • Understand the Purpose of the Teams. Generally speaking, there are several departments in every company. Now, your teams could be smaller in terms of size, but every team and their members must understand their roles and responsibilities and be accountable.
    • Maintain a Schedule. Your internal customer service providers are a busy bunch, and they cannot be called for last-minute requests or handling petty issues by employees whenever they wish to.
    • Set a Conversational Tone Between Departments. Since these are your internal stakeholders and they are not communicating with any customers, the communication does not have to be completely formal all the time.
  4. Common Customer Service Interview Questions With Best Answers › interview-questions

    Jul 17, 2021 · The short definition of customer service is making sure the customer is happy. The longer version is to ensure the customer or client is satisfied with the product or service provided, and with the sales, delivery, installation, use, and other components of the purchasing process. Elements of Good Customer Service

  5. Customer service - HBR › topic › customer-service

    This case is based on a negotiation that took place in the fall of 2018 between a BMW customer and BMW Customer Relations over the continued and repeated... IN less than two decades, Netflix has ...

  6. Customer Service Goals: How to Achieve Them + SMART Examples ... › blog › customer-service-goals

    Jul 28, 2021 · Here are a few ways to approach customer service goal setting with your team. Define how customer service quality is measured. Choosing metrics and KPIs to measure your support team’s performance and creating customer service quality assurance guidelines will give you and your team direction. Without knowing what goals you’re working ...

  7. The seven C’s to improve customer service standards ... › articles › customer
    • Courtesy. Courtesy goes beyond smiling and greeting. It is more likely seen in your non-verbal movements, body language, tone, and choice of words. A company’s courtesy also reflects in its thoughtful design and store policies.
    • Consistency. Customers appreciate the good kind of consistency. If you’ve received positive feedback about a certain move or initiative, that is a sign to keep up the good work and be consistent.
    • Convenience. Would you rather buy an average soda at the convenience store downstairs or a better-tasting soda in a store 30 minutes away? You may think that your product is the best of its kind.
    • Customer service strategy. If your company can sustain it, it is recommended to provide a customized customer service strategy. Getting to know your customers by name, recognizing loyal customers and rewarding them for valuable feedback, and treating them as VIPs surely go a long way.
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