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  1. Helen of Greece and Denmark - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Helen of Greece and Denmark (Greek: Ελένη, Eleni; Romanian: Elena; 2 May 1896 – 28 November 1982), was the queen mother of Romania during the reign of her son King Michael (1940–1947). She was noted for her humanitarian efforts to save Romanian Jews during World War II , which led to her being awarded by the State of Israel with the ...

  2. Soviet Union - RationalWiki
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    The Soviet Union began in 1917, when two revolutions occured in Russia. The first overthrew the Tsardom, while the second consolidated power under the Bullshitviks Bolsheviks. After a brutal civil war, the communist regime won out. The Lenin years involved a certain amount of capitalism, and the Union formed with the annexation of unification with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia (country), Ukraine, and Belarus. Lenin died in 1924, being succeeded by Joseph Stalin, who made Lenin's regime look li...

    Although it was a communist state,[note 3] the USSR called itself \\"socialist\\" in conformance with Karl Marx's definition of that word — a stage of society in which the working class controlled the means of production, which Marx saw as a transitional phase before the State \\"withered away\\" and \\"True Communism\\" oozed into existence. This has bolstered the mistaken notion that all forms of socialism — even non-Marxist forms such as democratic socialism — are identical to communism. The same tech...

    These countries were members of the Warsaw Pact, the mutual defense organization created by the Soviet Union to keep its friends close and its enemies closer. East Germany was reunified with West Germany in 1990; Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are now NATO allies, much to the great annoyance of Russia. The Warsaw Pact did not survive the end of the Soviet Union and none of its former member countries are communist any longer. 1. Albania (withdrew from the pact after the split between...

    1. In the United States, you watch TV. In Soviet Russia, TV watches YOU!! 2. In the United States, you can always find a party. In Soviet Russia, the Party can always find YOU!! 3. In the United States, you enrich uranium. In Soviet Chernobyl, uranium enriches YOU!! 4. In the United States, you can say \\"death to America\\" and not be arrested.[note 5] In Soviet Russia… you could pretty much get away with saying that too. 5. In Soviet Russia, there is freedom of speech. In America, there is als...

    From 1917 to 1944, the Internationale served as the Soviet national anthem. Near the end of the Great Patriotic War (as the Soviets called it), the government decided to reinvent the anthem, in the hopes of reinventing the country with it, making references to the Soviets' defeat of the Nazis, to install pride within the population. The original version praised the union forged through \\"the will of the people.\\" The chorus implored the Motherland to greatness and its people to follow the red f...

    While the Soviet Union made plenty of internationally recognized contributions to pure mathematics the natural sciences , they had a habit of ripping off the scientific and technological achievements of the \\"corrupt, capitalist West\\" (most notably in the case of the \\"atomic spies\\").

    When it comes to space exploration, the Soviets were actually quite advanced. They had a lot of initial successes however for a variety of factors were not able to win the Moon race. Despite it running counter to their economic philosophy, the Soviets did not have a unified space agency until the ouster of Nikita Khrushchev. Instead, rival design companies spent their time squabbling for contracts, which led to a general dilution of the Soviet effort. Adding to this, the primary genius behind...

    1. Complete History of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the Melody of Tetris (or, the epic Red Army Choir cover) 2. List of bands banned on Soviet radio, and why, Boing Boing 3. The Soviet National Anthem misheard. 4. Soviet national anthem in 10 different versions

  3. Sofía de Albania - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreía_de_Schönburg...

    Oct 12, 2020 · Ambos padres murieron siendo la princesa Sofía joven, pasando entonces gran parte de su juventud en la finca de Fantanele en Moldavia, que era propiedad de sus parientes maternos. [ 2 ] El 30 de noviembre de 1906 en Waldenburg , Sajonia, la Princesa Sofía contrajo matrimonio con el Príncipe Guillermo de Wied , con quien tuvo dos hijos: [ 3 ]

    • Sofía Elena Cecilia
    • 3 de febrero de 1936, Fântânele, Rumania
  4. Ocupación soviética de Besarabia y el norte de Bucovina ...ón_soviética_de...

    3 days ago · Ocupación soviética de Besarabia y el norte de Bucovina; Segunda Guerra Mundial: Rumania perdió, entre otros territorios y como puede observarse en la imagen, Besarabia (al este, para formar parte de la República Socialista Soviética de Moldavia) y el norte de Bucovina (norte del país, anexionada a Ucrania) en favor de la Unión Soviética.

  5. Guerra civile lituana (1432-1438) - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · La guerra civile lituana del 1432–1438 fu un conflitto per la successione al trono del Granducato di Lituania, dopo la morte di Vytautas il Grande nel 1430 senza eredi. La guerra venne combattuta su un fronte da Švitrigaila, alleato dei Cavalieri Teutonici, e sull'altro da Sigismund Kęstutaitis, sostenuto dal Regno di Polonia.

  6. Crisis presidencial de Venezuela - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia ...

    6 days ago · La crisis presidencial de Venezuela es una crisis política en torno a la legitimidad de quién ocupa la presidencia de Venezuela, después de que el 10 de enero de 2019 la Asamblea Nacional de Venezuela declarara que Nicolás Maduro estaba usurpando el cargo de presidente y Juan Guaidó —en calidad de presidente de la Asamblea Nacional— tomara juramento como presidente encargado del país.

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    2 days ago · anglo-boer war flags in south africa | pabellón word "flag" in spanish (= castillian) | pabenice paběnice (czechia) | pabianice pabianice city (poland) | pabianice county (poland) | pabineau first nation pabineau first nation, new brunswick (canada) | pablo arenas pablo arenas parish (imbabura, ecuador) | pablo sexto

  8. Sonic X - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Sonic X (ソニックX Sonikku Ekkusu?) è un anime prodotto da Tokyo Movie Shinsha, ispirato alla popolare serie di videogiochi Sonic the Hedgehog, e tratto da Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 e Sonic Battle per alcune parti delle stagioni della prima serie.

  9. Regno Unito - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Evoluzione storica Stato precedente Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda: Coordinate. Il Regno Unito, ufficialmente Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda del Nord (in inglese: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; abbreviato in UK, /juːkeɪ/), è uno Stato insulare dell'Europa occidentale con una popolazione di circa 64,5 milioni di abitanti.

  10. Russia - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · Coordinate. La Russia (in russo: Росси́я?, traslitterato: Rossija, ascolta [?·info]), ufficialmente Federazione Russa (in russo: Росси́йская Федера́ция?, traslitterato: Rossijskaja Federacija, ascolta [?·info]), è uno stato transcontinentale che si estende per un quarto in Europa e per tutto il resto in Asia ed è il più vasto Stato del mondo, con una superficie ...

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