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  1. Sep 08, 2021 · 47 Interesting Facts About John F. Kennedy That you Should Know Early Life, Family, Education. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who would later come to be known universally as JFK, was born at... Early Career, Military Service, Marriage, Run for Presidency. John F. Kennedy was awarded the following medals ...

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    • He and Jackie Kennedy had four children. In addition to Caroline and John, Jr., the Kennedys had two other children. In 1956, Jackie gave birth to a stillborn girl whom the couple intended to name Arabella, and on August 7, 1963, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy was born five-and-a-half weeks early.
    • Kennedy received last rites three times before his presidency. Kennedy suffered from poor health his entire life and, fearing imminent death, America’s first Catholic president received the sacramental last rites of the church on three occasions.
    • The Army medically disqualified Kennedy from service. In the months before the United States entered World War II, Kennedy attempted to enlist in the military, but his intestinal and back problems caused him to fail the physical examinations for both the Army’s and Navy’s officer candidate schools.
    • He won a Pulitzer Prize. Kennedy authored his first book, “Why England Slept,” at age 22, and in 1945 he spent a few months as a newspaper correspondent for William Randolph Hearst’s newspapers covering the United Nations conference in San Francisco and the aftermath of World War II in Europe.
    • His family was very, very rich. President Kennedy was one of the richest presidents ever, based on the estimated value of his family’s fortune. In fact, his part of that fortune may have been worth $1 billion at the time of Kennedy’s death.
    • His father escaped a terrorist attack just after JFK was born. Joseph Kennedy escaped the infamous 1920 Wall Street bombing. An unknown group of anarchists planted a bomb in a wagon full of lead weights on the street.
    • He grew up partly in the Bronx. The stereotype of Kennedy is that he was a born-and-bred Bostonian. In reality, Kennedy spent the first 10 years of his life in Brookline, in suburban Boston, until his family moved to the Bronx.
    • President Kennedy played the role of movie producer. Warren Beatty almost played Kennedy in the movie PT-109, which was based on the sinking of Kennedy’s boat in the Solomon Islands.
    • A. Airport, New York City: The law changing the name of Idlewild International Airport to John F. Kennedy International...
    • B. Back Brace: Markings on the brace that President Kennedy wore indicate that it came from the Washington, D.C. firm of...
    • C. Campaign 1946: On April 25, 1946, John F. Kennedy entered the race for the 11th...
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    • John F. Kennedy received last rites a total of four times. From a young age, John F. Kennedy battled a range of health problems, some of which appeared to be life-threatening—so much so that he received the sacramental last rites a total of four times: first in 1947, when he became sick while traveling in England and was diagnosed with Addison’s disease; a second time in 1951, when he was suffering from an extremely high fever while in Japan; the third time in 1954, when he slipped into a coma following back surgery; and a final time on the day of his assassination, on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.
    • JFK faked his way into the Navy.
    • JFK became a war hero. Regardless of how he found his way into the navy, Kennedy certainly proved his chops as an officer once he was there. In 1943, he was made commander of a PT-109 patrol boat that came under attack near the Solomon Islands.
    • A memento from JFK’s near-death experience was an Oval Office fixture. In an attempt to get help for himself and his marooned crew of fellow officers, Kennedy etched an SOS message into a coconut shell, which he gave to two natives to deliver to a nearby base in order to arrange for their rescue.
  2. Nov 17, 2021 · Here are 10 facts about John F. Kennedy. 1. He remains the youngest elected president in US history JFK still holds the record for being America’s youngest elected president. He was 43 when he was elected, which was 12 years below the median age of an elected American president.

  3. Mar 10, 2020 · 16 Facts About John F. Kennedy You Might Not Know 1. John F. Kennedy had many near-death experiences. Kennedy faced many illnesses and accidents prior to becoming... 2. He donated his salary to charity. Kennedy’s father was extremely wealthy, so when he entered Congress in 1947, JFK... 3. He loved ...

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