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  1. His harmonies became more extended and he developed bird-like sounds to punctuate his solos on alto sax, flute and bass clarinet. It all came together in 1960 when he moved to New York to work with Oliver Nelson, Charles Mingus, Booker Little and John Coltrane.

  2. Historically, Central Asia has been a "melting pot" of West Eurasian and East Eurasian peoples, leading to high genetic admixture and diversity. Physical and genetic analyses of ancient remains have concluded that while the Scythians – including those in the eastern Pazyryk region – possessed predominantly features found (among others) in Europoid phenotypes, mixed Eurasian phenotypes were ...

  3. There, he was introduced to Van Dyke Parks, a 23-year-old professional songwriter, arranger, session musician, and former child actor. [27] [nb 4] Parks had moved to Los Angeles a few years earlier, hoping to compose the scores to Disney films, but instead lent his services to the Byrds and MGM pop groups the Mojo Men and Harper's Bizarre . [27]

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    On its commercial release, the film became Streep's biggest commercial success to this point, grossing more than US$326.5 million worldwide. [142] She portrayed a wealthy university patron in Chen Shi-zheng 's much-delayed feature drama Dark Matter , a film about a Chinese science graduate student who becomes violent after dealing with academic ...

  5. Brian remembers that he began recording the "bop bop good vibrations" parts first, and that he came up with "the high parts" a week later. Mike Love recalled: "I can remember doing 25–30 vocal overdubs of the same part, and when I mean the same part, I mean same section of a record, maybe no more than two, three, four, five seconds long."

  6. He, along with Edgar Adrian, won the 1932 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. George Gaylord Simpson (1902–1984): American paleontologist. He is considered to be one of the most influential paleontologist of the 20th century, and a major participant in the modern evolutionary synthesis. Jens C. Skou (1918–2018): Danish chemist.

  7. "Express Yourself" is a song by American singer-songwriter Madonna from her fourth studio album, Like a Prayer (1989). It was released as the second single from the album on May 9, 1989, by Sire Records.