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  1. 1974 in television - Wikipedia

    February 1 – Good Times (a spinoff of Maude) on CBS (1974–79) February 10 – Apple's Way on CBS (1974–1975) February 12 – Bagpuss (12 February – 7 May 1974) February 18 – Tattletales, hosted by Bert Convy, on CBS daytime (1974–78, 1982–84) March 3 – Nova on PBS (1974–present) April 12 – Ultraman Leo on TBS in Japan (1974 ...

  2. 1974 in film - Wikipedia

    Events. February 7 – Blazing Saddles is released in the United States. May 28 - Joseph E. Levine, the founder of Embassy Pictures, resigns as president. June 20 – Chinatown, directed by Roman Polanski and featured Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, and John Huston, is released to worldwide critical acclaim.

    • LE DOSSIER PLOGOFF - Post restauration
    • JOSEPH ZOBEL: hommage au : Poète, romancier, sculpteur...Martiniquais.
    • "Mon fils avait été exécuté ce matin" - Carnets de H. Mathon sur Christian Ranucci, condamné à mort
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  4. Greensboro massacre - Wikipedia

    The Greensboro massacre is the term for an event which took place on November 3, 1979, in Greensboro, North Carolina.Five protesters, including four members of the Communist Workers Party (CWP), were killed by members of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party (ANP) during a Death to the Klan march, organized by the CWP.

  5. Massacre Mafia Style - Wikipedia

    Massacre Mafia Style (also known as The Executioner or Like Father, Like Son) is a 1974 independent film written, directed, produced by, and starring Italian-American crooner-actor Duke Mitchell. The tagline for the film was "You’re IN, or you’re IN THE WAY."

    • Duke Mitchell
    • December 19, 1974
    • Duke Mitchell, Joseph R. Juliano, Spartan Films
    • Duke Mitchell, Vic Caesar, Lorenzo Dodo, Peter Milo, Louis Zito, Cara Salerno, Jimmy Williams
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    1969; 1970; 1971; 1972; 1973; 1974; 1975; 1976; 1977; 1978; 1979

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    The Broadway production moved to The Broadway Theatre on May 25, 1977, and closed on January 28, 1979, after four years and 1,672 performances. [7] Along with other musicals including Purlie (1971) and Raisin (1974), The Wiz was a breakthrough for Broadway, a large-scale big-budget musical featuring an all-black cast.

  8. Soweto uprising - Wikipedia

    The Soweto uprising was a series of demonstrations and protests led by black school children in South Africa that began on the morning of 16 June 1976.. Students from numerous Sowetan schools began to protest in the streets of Soweto in response to the introduction of Afrikaans as the medium of instruction in local schools.

  9. List of Yes concert tours (1960s–70s) - Wikipedia

    "Close to the Edge" (Anderson, Howe) (Played on 20 April 1979, 21 April 1979, and 22 April 1979) "Going for the One" (Played on 29 August 1978) "In the Midnight Hour" (Pickett, Cropper) (Played on 17 September 1978)

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    The Reid Road wis a hoosin schame intae Balornock and Barmulloch, Glesga.Biggit in the mid-late 1960s, the Reid Road wis biggit wi steel and asbestos.Sax touers wis happit wi sheet-airn in the late 70s an early 80s.

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