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  1. Dec 7, 2008 · Rep Power: 370 Gabe's Molecular Nutrition X-Factor Review! Gabe's Molecular Nutrition Anabolic Catalyst X-Factor Review! Product Info Active Ingredient: Archidonic Acid.....250mg per capsule Dosing protocol Workout Days: 1 AM/1 PreWorkout/1 6-7pm Off Days: 1 AM/ 1 w/lunch/1 ~3-4pm/ 1 6-7pm Introduction

  2. Jun 11, 2011 · Molecular Nutrition X-Factor Advanced Final Review This is a completely honest review of exactly what I felt. I believe that in order for others to receive an accurate idea of a product a non biased review must be written. I have waited 2 weeks after the cycle to get a more accurate feel for how my workouts are without XFA now.

  3. Supplement Review Supplement Deal Favourites Home Categories Muscle & Strength Molecular Nutrition Anabolic X-Factor Anabolic X-Factor(Molecular Nutrition) User rating 3.5

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  4. Dec 23, 2007 · Inflammatory reactions aren’t all “bad.” They play an important role in immunity, for example. They also assist in the healing of injured or traumatized tissues. The reality is that some inflammation is a good thing. It’s not a process you want to shut down completely.

  5. Mar 11, 2007 · I did stack this is MassFX, but I feel that X-factor was more responsible for the size gains, and MassFX for the strength. Strength - 7/10. While I feel that XF contributed to strength gains, I believe that stacked with MassFX it led to even greater ones. XF definitely increased strength though. Side Effects - 8/10. DOMS are certainly prevelant.

  6. Jun 9, 2005 · 06-09-2005, 10:47 AM #1 pu12en12g C6H13NO2 Join Date: Apr 2003 Posts: 89,694 Rep Power: 84160 pt's Molecular Nutrition - X-Factor review Summary: My short term goal is 250lb @ 12%bf, with a long-term goal of 240-250lb @ 6-8%. I have 3 bottles of X-Factor, and I have very high expectations of this product.

  7. Clinically tested at Baylor University for safety and effectiveness, Molecular Nutrition's Anabolic X-Factor is the world's first patented hypertrophic catalyst. By enhancing the storage of arachidonic acid in exercised muscles, X-Factor drastically amplifies the body's sensitivity and responsiveness to resistance training.

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