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  1. 1-Phenylcyclohexylamine | C12H17N - PubChem

    1-Phenylcyclohexylamine is a DEA Schedule II controlled substance. Substances in the DEA Schedule II have a high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.

  2. Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of 1 ...

    Thurkauf A, De Costa B, Yamaguchi SI, Mattson MV, Jacobson AE, Rice KC et al. Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of 1-phenylcyclohexylamine analogues. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry . 1990;33(5):1452-1458.

    • Andrew Thurkauf, Brian De Costa, Shun Ichi Yamaguchi, Mariena V. Mattson, Arthur E. Jacobson, Kenner...
    • 68
    • 1990
  3. Arylcyclohexylamine - Wikipedia

    Phencyclidine (PCP) is believed to be the first arylcyclohexylamine with recognized anesthetic properties, but several arylcyclohexylamines were described before PCP in the scientific literature, beginning with PCA (1-phenylcyclohexan-1-amine) the synthesis of which was first published in 1907.

    Aryl Substituent
    N Group
    Cyclohexyl ring
  4. Use of PCA (1-phenylcyclohexylamine) as a precursor

    Synthesis of PCP from PCA via 1-phenylcyclohexanol (PCOH) The PCOH starting material can be purchased or prepared by reaction of phenyllithium or phenyl grignard with cyclohexanone. This alcohol is then be transformed into the amine by reaction with sodium azide (~90% yield) followed by reduction.

  5. Structure-guided design and synthesis of P1′ position 1 ...

    Sep 01, 2011 · Synthesis of 1-phenylcyclopentylamine (8a) and 1-phenylcyclohexylamine (8b) 5.2.1. 1-Phenylcyclopentanol ( 6a ) Magnesium turnings (217 mg, 8.93 mmol) in dry THF (5 mL) was placed in ice cold water and iodobenzene (0.73 mL, 6.55 mmol) in dry THF (2 mL) was added dropwise over 10 min.

    • Harichandra D. Tagad, Yoshio Hamada, Jeffrey-Tri Nguyen, Koushi Hidaka, Takashi Hamada, Youhei Sohma...
    • 17
    • 2011
  6. phenylcyclohexylamine water salt Prior art date 1960-04-04 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) Expired - Lifetime Application number US19477A Inventor Erik F Godefroi Robert F Parcell


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  8. Identification of a Street Drug as N-Ethyl-1 ...

    Jun 01, 1978 · Spectroscopic data suitable for the identification of the substance are presented.Keywords N -Ethyl-1-phenylcyclohexylamine—identified in street sample by NMR, IR, and mass spectral data Abuse drugs—N -ethyl-1-phenylcyclohexylamine identified in street sample by NMR, IR, and mass spectral data Phencyclidine analogs—N -ethyl ...

  9. The Synthesis of Phencyclidine and Other 1 ...

    Synthesis, radiosynthesis, and biological evaluation of fluorinated thienylcyclohexyl piperidine derivatives as potential radiotracers for the NMDA receptor-linked calcium ionophore. Nuclear Medicine and Biology 1996 , 23 (3) , 315-324.

  10. 2-Phenylcyclohexanone | C12H14O - PubChem

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