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  1. **If counted as European countries rather than Asian countries, the transcontinental countries Azerbaijan ($4,214) and Armenia ($4,268) would also appear on the above list. 1. Ukraine. With a per capita GNI of $3,540, Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe as of 2020. Ukraine once had the second-largest economy in the USSR.

  2. Oct 25, 2022 · U.K. living standards and wages have fallen significantly behind those of Western Europe. By some measures, in fact, real wages in the U.K. are lower than they were 15 years ago, and will likely ...

  3. Oct 22, 2019 · South Sudan is the poorest country in Africa with a per capita income of $303 per year. Having become an independent country only in 2011, Sudan is one of the world's youngest countries. As such, the country's economy is rather underdeveloped. It also has some of the world's least developed infrastructure. The 10 Poorest Countries In Africa

  4. Sep 01, 2020 · The top ten poorest countries are all located in Africa. In fact, the top three poorest countries in the world, Burundi, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are all located in the same region of the continent. These countries are poor for a number of reasons.

  5. List of sovereign states in Europe by GDP (nominal) per capita 2021. The "IMF" column includes data for the year 2021 for members of the International Monetary Fund. The "World Bank" column includes data for the year 2019 from the World Bank. Data across columns are not comparable as they may refer to different years.

  6. of the world’s 42 small states are Commonwealth members, each with a population of 1.5 million or less 2.5 billion citizens live in Commonwealth countries, with more than 60 per cent aged 29 or under Commonwealth countries are diverse: they are among the world’s biggest, smallest, richest and ...

  7. Oct 11, 2022 · The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), about the size of Western Europe, is the largest country in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). DRC is endowed with exceptional natural resources, including minerals such as cobalt and copper, hydropower potential, significant arable land, immense biodiversity, and the world’s second-largest rainforest.

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