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      • Elisabeth of Austria (5 July 1554 – 22 January 1592) was Queen of France from 1570 to 1574 as the wife of King Charles IX . A member of the House of Habsburg , she was the daughter of Maximilian II , Holy Roman Emperor, and Maria of Spain .,_Queen_of_France#:~:text=Elisabeth of Austria (5 July 1554 – 22,Holy Roman Emperor, and Maria of Spain .
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  2. Empress Elisabeth of Austria - Wikipedia

    Empress Elisabeth of Austria (born Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria; 24 December 1837 – 10 September 1898) was Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary by marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph I. She was born into the royal Bavarian House of Wittelsbach .

  3. Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France - Wikipedia

    Elisabeth of Austria (5 July 1554 – 22 January 1592) was Queen of France from 1570 to 1574 as the wife of King Charles IX. A member of the House of Habsburg , she was the daughter of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor , and Maria of Spain .

  4. Elisabeth | Biography, Facts, & Assassination | Britannica

    Elisabeth, empress consort of Austria from April 24, 1854, when she married Emperor Franz Joseph. She was also queen of Hungary (crowned June 8, 1867) after the Austro-Hungarian Ausgleich, or Compromise. Her assassination brought her rather unsettled life to a tragic end.

  5. Elizabeth of Austria (1526–1545) - Wikipedia
    • Overview
    • Marriage plans
    • Queen of Poland

    Elizabeth of Austria was a Queen consort of Poland. She was the eldest of fifteen children of Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, and his wife Anne of Bohemia and Hungary. A member of the House of Habsburg, she was married off to Sigismund II Augustus, who was already crowned as King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania even though both of his parents were still alive and well. The marriage was short and unhappy. Elizabeth was of frail health, suffering from epileptic seizures, and died at age 18.

    Elizabeth spent most of her childhood in the Hofburg, Innsbruck. She was raised with strict discipline and received a good education from humanist Kaspar Ursinus Velius, but was not taught the Polish language despite her early arranged marriage to Sigismund II Augustus. The marriage plan was first discussed when Elizabeth was just one year old. Louis, King of Hungary and Bohemia, died in August 1526 without leaving an heir. The Hungarian throne was contested between Louis' brother-in-law Ferdina

    Elizabeth and a twelve-person escort departed Vienna on 21 April 1543. She was met at Olomouc by Samuel Maciejowski, Bishop of Płock and a retinue of 1,500 knights. On 5 May 1543, Elizabeth entered Kraków and met Sigismund Augustus for the first time. The same day 16-year-old Elizabeth married 22-year-old Sigismund Augustus in the Wawel Cathedral. The wedding celebration continued for two weeks. She was also crowned as Queen of Poland, which only increased the ire of Bona Sforza who ...

    • 8 May 1543
    • 9 July 1526, Linz
    • 5 May 1543 – 15 June 1545
    • 15 June 1545 (aged 18), Vilnius
  6. Elizabeth of Austria - The sickly Queen - History of Royal Women

    Oct 16, 2015 · October 16, 2015 Moniek Barbara Radziwiłł, Bona Sforza, Elizabeth of Austria (1526–1545), Poland, The Royal Women 0 (public domain) Elizabeth of Austria was born on 9 July 1526 as the eldest child of Anne of Bohemia and Hungary and Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor.

    • Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) of Austria 1837–1898
    • Austria - Queen's Tour - Special! (1969)
    • Empress Elisabeth "Sisi" of Austria
    • Elizabeth,Empress of Austria,Queen of Hungary
  7. Elizabeth of Austria (1436–1505) - Wikipedia
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    • Polish queen
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    Elizabeth of Austria was the wife of King Casimir IV of Poland and thus Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania. Orphaned at an early age, she spent her childhood in the court of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III. As one of the three surviving grandchildren of Emperor Sigismund, she had a strong claim to the kingdoms of Hungary and Bohemia. That made her an attractive bride for a Polish prince. The Polish nobility, seeking to increase Polish influence in Hungary and Bohemia, pursued marria

    Elisabeth was the daughter of Albert II of Germany, Archduke of Austria, and his wife Elizabeth of Luxembourg, daughter of Emperor Sigismund. The exact date of her birth is unknown and has been variously provided between 1436 and early 1439. Her elder brother was born in February

    Elisabeth and Ladislaus were initially cared by Anna von Pottendorf at the Forchtenstein Castle. When Queen Elisabeth died in December 1442, Emperor Frederick III continued to care for the orphans who spent most of their time in Graz and Wiener Neustadt. The opposition accused th

    In August 1452, preparing for the Thirteen Years' War with the Teutonic Knights, the Poles sent an embassy to Vienna to once again negotiate marriage between Elisabeth and now-King Casimir IV of Poland. Ulrich II, Count of Celje, who now had custody of Elisabeth, received the pro

    After the 1457 death of Elisabeth's childless brother, King Ladislaus the Posthumous, she and her family started to advance their claims to the thrones of Bohemia and Hungary. The Poles argued that since Elisabeth's dowry was unpaid, she was entitled to the Hungarian and Bohemian

    King Casimir died on 7 June 1492. Art historians believe that she hired artist Veit Stoss to create Casimir's tomb and recumbent effigy. The Lithuanian throne was already secured by Alexander Jagiellon who acted as his father's regent in Lithuania since 1490. Elisabeth took decis

    Casimir and Elisabeth had the following children: 1. Vladislaus II, King of Bohemia and Hungary 2. Hedwig, married on 14 November 1475 to George, Duke of Bavaria-Landshut 3. Casimir, patron saint of Lithuania 4. John I Albert, King of Poland and Duke of Głogów 5. Alexander, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland 6. Sophia, married on 14 February 1479 to Frederick I, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach. 7. Elizabeth 8. Sigismund I, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania 9. Frederick ...

    • 1436, Vienna
    • 30 August 1505 (aged 68–69), Kraków
    • 10 February 1454
    • 1454–1492
  8. The Tragic Austrian Empress Who Was Murdered by Anarchists

    Aug 22, 2018 · Trembling and overcome with emotion, 16-year-old Elisabeth, known by her childhood nickname Sisi, was wed to the 23-year-old Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria, the absolute monarch of the largest ...

  9. Elizabeth and marriage - The early rule of Queen Elizabeth I ...

    Archduke Charles - In 1567 Elizabeth considered marrying Archduke Charles of Austria but his Catholic faith meant there were the same religious differences as with King Philip of Spain, and in the ...

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