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  1. May 2, 2024 · Learn how to quit smoking with proven treatments that can help you manage nicotine withdrawal and cravings. Find free resources, quitlines, and online tools to get support and guidance from

    • Quit, Don’T Switch
    • Benefits of Quitting
    • How to Quit
    • What to Expect
    • Talking to Your Doctor
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    Some smokers may think that e-cigarettes will help them quit, but substituting one addiction for another is not quitting. Find out moreabout healthier alternatives, and how to end your tobacco addiction for good.

    As soon as you quit, your body begins to repair the damage caused by smoking. See the health benefits you'll experiencestarting as soon as 20 minutes after you quit.

    Don't know where to begin? We have resources to help you get ready and then take the big step of quitting for good. Get started now!

    Quitting smoking is a journey, not a single event. See what to expect when quitting, challenges you should prepare for and get answers to common questions about quitting smoking.

    Your doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, dentist or other healthcare provider are key resources for quitting. They can help you discover what medication will work best for you and put you in contact with local resources and your local quitline. Healthcare providers can help with information and support you need to live smokefree. They ...

    Find out how to quit smoking with the help of the American Lung Association. Learn about the benefits, reasons, methods and resources to end your tobacco addiction and live smokefree.

  2. Learn how to stop smoking or using smokeless tobacco with tips, tools, and resources from the American Cancer Society. Find out the health benefits, methods, and support options for quitting tobacco.

  3. Build your personalized quit plan to set a quit date, understand your smoking triggers, choose strategies for dealing with cravings, and find additional tools and resources to help you become smokefree.

  4. Apr 5, 2018 · Want to stop smoking, dipping, vaping or using tobacco – but need a little help? Here are some smoking cessation resources to help you quit now, including state quitlines (telephone hotlines), websites, programs and information about medicines that may help.

  5. Learn how to quit smoking and improve your health with resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. See real stories of people who suffered from smoking-related illnesses and get tips from former smokers.

  6. Find out how to create your personalized quit plan, use nicotine replacement therapy, cope with cravings and stress, and avoid slips. Explore articles, programs, apps, and social media to support your quitting journey.

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