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  2. Nov 17, 2023 · There are many types of rashes. Causes of a rash include contact dermatitis, viruses, and autoimmune conditions. This article provides images to help identify a rash.

  3. Mar 26, 2024 · Autoimmune disease causes rash symptoms such as itching, scaling, and bumps. Find a list of autoimmune conditions that cause rash here.

  4. Posted by Jan Modric. What is a Skin Rash? A rash (French rache = a sore) is any abnormal change in the skin color or texture ( 1 ). By another definition, a rash is breaking out of the skin (eruption; exanthema in Greek) ( 2 ). Rashes according to Size, Shape, and Consistency. Macule.

  5. General approach to rashes. This page is for adult patients; for other age groups see pediatric rashes and neonatal rashes. Background. 3D medical illustration showing major layers of skin. A wide range of benign and dangerous pathology can present with a rash. Rash Red Flags [1] Fever. Toxic appearance. Hypotension. Mucosal lesions. Severe pain.

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  6. The differential diagnosis of a rash should be based on the morphology of the lesion. To correctly categorize a lesion’s morphology, the physician must first identify the primary lesion, the typical element of the eruption. This process can be complicated.

  7. Aug 28, 2022 · A rash is a general term usually used to describe a widespread eruption of skin lesions. A skin lesion is an area of abnormal skin. This guide will discuss the examination of non-pigmented lesions, for pigmented lesions see the Geeky Medics guide to examining a pigmented skin lesion.

  8. A thorough physical examination entails close attention to the rash, with an assessment and precise definition of its salient features. First, it is critical to determine what type of lesions make up the eruption.

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