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  1. Toluene | C6H5CH3 or C7H8 | CID 1140 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities, safety/hazards/toxicity information, supplier lists, and more.

    • Toluene-D8

      Toluene-D8 | C7H8 | CID 74861 - structure, chemical names,...

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    Toluene ( / ˈtɒl.juiːn / ), also known as toluol ( / ˈtɒl.ju.ɒl, - ɔːl, - oʊl / ), is a substituted aromatic hydrocarbon. [15] It is a colorless, water -insoluble liquid with the odor associated with paint thinners. It is a mono-substituted benzene derivative, consisting of a methyl group (CH 3) attached to a phenyl group.

    • C₇H₈
    • 92.141 g·mol−1
    • −95.0 °C (−139.0 °F; 178.2 K)
    • 0.54 g/L (5 °C), 0.519 g/L (25 °C), 0.63 g/L (45 °C), 1.2 g/L (90 °C)
  4. Scott, D.W.; Guthrie, G.B.; Messerly, J.F.; Todd, S.S.; Berg, W.T.; Hossenlopp, I.A.; McCullough, J.P., Toluene: thermodynamic properties, molecular vibrations, and internal rotation, J. Phys. Chem., 1962, 66, 911-914. Kelley, 1929, 2 Kelley, K.K., The heat capacity of toluene from 14K to 298K

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  6. Toluene Molecular Formula CH Average mass 92.138 Da Monoisotopic mass 92.062599 Da ChemSpider ID 1108 More details: Featured data source Names Properties Searches Spectra Vendors Articles More Names and Synonyms Database ID (s) Validated by Experts, Validated by Users, Non-Validated, Removed by Users 108-88-3 [RN] 1262769-46-9 [RN]

  7. Toluene-D8. Other names: Benzene, methyl; Methacide; Methylbenzene; Methylbenzol; Phenylmethane; Antisal 1a; Toluol; Methane, phenyl-; NCI-C07272; Tolueen; Toluen; Toluolo; Rcra waste number U220; Tolu-sol; UN 1294; Dracyl; Monomethyl benzene; CP 25; NSC 406333; methylbenzene (toluene) Permanent link for this species.

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