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  1. Sep 22, 2015 · The presidential system is better for democracy than the parliamentary one because of its separation of powers, the role of the judiciary, and government accountability to its people. A presidential system is advantageous because of the relationship between the executive and the legislature.

  2. Common law, the body of customary law, based on judicial decisions and embodied in reports of decided cases, that has been administered by the courts of England since the Middle Ages. From it has evolved the legal systems found in the United States and most of the Commonwealth countries as well.

  3. But others in the region are arguing that efforts to define rail shipments of crude in the Pacific Northwest are violations of the Interstate Commerce Clause.North Dakota state leaders have sought the federal government's help in addressing a new Washington state law that places restrictions on the kind of crude that can be shipped via rail.

  4. Aug 20, 2010 · Newton’s system strongly encourages the Enlightenment conception of nature as an orderly domain governed by strict mathematical-dynamical laws and the conception of ourselves as capable of knowing those laws and of plumbing the secrets of nature through the exercise of our unaided faculties. – The conception of nature, and of how we know it ...

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