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  1. The ventral pallidum doesn't receive dopaminergic inputs from the ventral tegmental area. The ventral pallidum receives GABAergic inputs from the nucleus accumbens . [3] It acts in part as a relay nucleus from the nucleus accumbens to the medial dorsal nucleus .

  2. The corticobulbar (or corticonuclear) tract is a two-neuron white matter motor pathway connecting the motor cortex in the cerebral cortex to the medullary pyramids, which are part of the brainstem's medulla oblongata (also called "bulbar") region, and are primarily involved in carrying the motor function of the non-oculomotor cranial nerves.

  3. The ventral tegmental area of the brain stem (just below the thalamus) consists of dopamine pathways that seem to be responsible for pleasure. People with damage here tend to have difficulty getting pleasure in life, and often turn to alcohol, drugs, sweets, and gambling.

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