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    West Flanders is the only Belgian province that borders both France and The Netherlands; it is the only province not landlocked. Economy. The Gross domestic product (GDP) of the province was 46.9 billion € in 2018. GDP per capita adjusted for purchasing power was 34,700 € or 115% of the EU27 average in the same year.

    • 3,197 km² (1,234 sq mi)
    • Belgium
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    The province of West Flanders lies in the most densely populated area of Western Europe. It has 1,181,828 inhabitants, and a population density of 378.2 inhabitants per km². It borders the North Sea, northern France, Zeeland in the Netherlands, the Flemish province of East Flanders (Dutch: Oost-Vlaanderen) and the Walloon province of Hainaut (Dutch: Henegouwen) in Belgium.West Flanders is the only Belgian province that borders both France and The Netherlands. The province has an area of 3,125 km2(1,207 sq mi). In terms of area, it is the largest province in the Flemish Region and the fifth largest in Belgium. West Flanders has a very flat landscape with polders, except for a row of dunes along the coast and an area with small hills known as the 'Westvlaamse Bergen', with the Kemmelberg(159 m) being the highest point in the province. The main rivers in the province are the Leie (French: Lys) and Yser (Dutch: IJzer). The Yser flows into the North Sea at the town of Nieuwpoort and the...

    In the north of the province, most industry is concentrated in and around the cities of Bruges and Ostend. Both cities also have important seaports: the port of Bruges-Zeebrugge and the port of Ostend. The south is known for its textileindustry. Tourism is also an important industry in West Flanders. Major touristic attractions include the Belgian coast, the historic centre of Bruges, and places where there were battles around Ypres during World War I.

    Official website of the Government of Flanders Archived 2013-09-13 at the Wayback Machine
    Eurostat - Portrait of the Regions[permanent dead link]
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    The County of Flanders was created in the year 862 as a feudal fief in West Francia, the predecessor of the Kingdom of France.After a period of growing power within France, it was divided when its western districts fell under French rule in the late 12th century, with the remaining parts of Flanders came under the rule of the counts of neighbouring Hainaut in 1191.

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    The West Flanders Tribes was a Belgian American football team based in the province of West-Flanders, with two home cities, Ostend and Izegem. The Tribes were members of the Flemish American Football League (FFL) conference in the Belgian Football League (BFL). Their team colours are maroon, white and black.

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    West Francia, inherited by Charles the Bald, included the original county of Flanders, that spanned roughly between Oudenburg, Aardenburg and Torhout. After the Middle-Frankish kings died out, the rulers of the West and East-Frankish Kingdoms divided the Middle-Frankish kingdom amongst themselves in the treaty of Meerssen in 870.

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    The region is known for its textile industry, with companies such as Beaulieu and Libeco-Lagae. The region around Kortrijk is called the Dallas of Belgium for its entrepreneurship. Tourism is also an important industry in West-Flanders, major touristic attractions include the Belgian coast, the historic center of Bruges, and Flanders Fields, the WWI battlefields around Ypres.

    1830-1831 : Felix de Muelenaere (Catholic Party)
    1832-1834 : Felix de Muelenaere (Catholic Party)
    1836-1849 : Felix de Muelenaere (Catholic Party)
    1849-1857 : Adolphe de Vrière(Liberal)

    Administrative arrondissements

    The Province of West Flanders is divided into eight administrative arrondissements.

    Judicial arrondissements

    The Province of West Flanders is divided into 4 judicial arrondissements.

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    West Flanders, Du. West-Vlaanderen, Fr. Flandre Occidentale, province (1991 pop. 1,106,829), W Belgium, bordering on the North Sea in the west, on the Netherlands in the northeast, and on France in the south.

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    West Flanders West Flanders is one of the five provinces of Flanders in Belgium and the country's westernmost. It encompasses Belgium's entire coastline and thus is a favourite travel destination for Belgians in the summer months.

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