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  1. What are airline alliances, and who's in them?

    Feb 14, 2020 · The first airline alliance was founded on May 14, 1997, when Air Canada, Lufthansa, SAS, Thai Airways and United Airlines came together in a globe-spanning partnership. From its first day, Star served every inhabited continent, in a clear illustration of why alliances exist: You can travel pretty much everywhere on alliance carriers.

  2. AIR CANADA: Canadian Flag Carrier Airline | Altair Canada

    Awards In May 2010, Air Canada was ranked “Best Airline North America” in a worldwide survey of more than 17 million airline passengers conducted by independent research firm Skytrax for its 2010 World Airline Awards. In 2009, Air Canada won four top honours in Business Traveler magazine’s ‘Best in Business Travel’.

  3. Flight Delays and Cancellations: A Guide | Canadian ...

    1. Introduction This is a guide explaining passenger rights and airline obligations if there is a flight delay or cancellation. These apply to flights to, from and within Canada, including connecting flights. The airline operating the affected flight is responsible for meeting obligations to the passenger.

  4. National Flag Carriers - Alternative Airlines

    The airline often seeks preferential rights or privileges by the government for international operations. In the past, the term national airline or national carrier was known to be airlines which were owned by the government, and therefore associated with the national identity of the country.

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  6. That COVID-19 airline refund you're entitled to might require ...

    Nov 12, 2020 · In an email, the carrier offered him a voucher. Halperin wanted a refund instead, to which the U.S. DOT says he or anyone else is entitled if the canceling airline does business in the U.S., which ...

  7. What is a low-cost airline? A simple explanation - Tourism ...

    Mar 04, 2020 · (Last updated on: 03/04/2020) Low-cost air travel has exploded in recent years across the globe. Whether you refer to it as a low-cost airline, a low-cost carrier, a no-frills airline or a budget airline, nowadays we are all familiar with the concept: Low cost air travel, with all of the frills removed.

  8. The Best Airlines for Pet Travel
    • Delta Air Lines (23.4%) TPG lounge member Brittani S. said she was “very pleased” with Delta’s pet cargo. “It’s climate controlled and well-regulated.
    • Southwest (22.6%) Southwest ranked in second in the pet travel survey, and it also offers the second least expensive pet fee, behind Frontier’s $75. The airline also makes it easy for pet owners to pick out an appropriate carrier by offering a branded carrier of their own that will fit under any Southwest seat.
    • American (15.6%) American Airlines offers one of the biggest carrier dimensions (19 inches x 13 inches x 9 inches), so your pup can enjoy a bit more space during the flight, though the total weight limit is half what Spirit allows.
    • United (11.3%) Despite snagging the No. 4 spot in the reader survey, United has a notoriously bad reputation when it comes to pet travel. But this might have something to do with the fact that United is the only airline that will fly brachycephalic dog breeds in cargo.
  9. 7 BEST Airline Approved CABIN-Friendly Cat Carriers [2019 ...

    Airline’s Carrier Requirements For Cabin Travel Here are the cat carrier requirements for the most popular, pet-friendly airlines that allow cats in their cabins. Most airlines have different requirements for soft crates and hard crates.

  10. 13 Airlines That Allow Flying With Dogs In ... - Pets That Travel

    Customers will be permitted to travel with no more than one (1) dog carrier per person. Each dog carrier can have no more than two (2) of the same species of small dogs; The dog carrier will count either as the Customer’s carryon bag or personal item. Dogs must be secured in the dog carrier at all times. For more info, visit Southwest’s ...