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  1. Where Do Rich Black People Live? – Your Black World › 2014/01/05 › where-do-rich

    Fort Washington is home to an upper-middle-class Black community in Prince George’s County, Maryland. With 70.6% of the population African American, the average family income is $114, 243. The suburb consists of families with children, college students and young professionals with bachelor’s or advanced college level degrees.

  2. 5 Unexpected Cities With Rich Black History | Livability › topics › love-where-you-live

    When it comes to black history in the U.S., cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Selma, Birmingham and Memphis immediately come to mind. But there is rich history in many under-the-radar places like Providence, RI; Pensacola, FL; Augusta, GA; and in California, Allensworth and San Diego.

  3. Rich Blacks Want White Neighbors - American Renaissance › features › 2020

    In 2010, the census reported that 55 black people lived there. Another house, worth $2,100,000, is in Kula, Hawaii. That town is: 57.8 percent white, 19.8 percent mixed, 13.6 percent Asian, 4.7 percent Pacific Islander (including Hawaiians), 8.2 percent Hispanic — and 0 percent black.

  4. Where do rich Black people live? | Yahoo Answers › question › index

    In communities with other rich people. A lot of rich black people become the majority in some affluent neighborhoods.

  5. So, where are the rich black neighborhoods? | Yahoo Answers › question › index

    Racism IS the most over used word in America however. As to your question, rich people live in rich neighborhoods and poor people live in poor neighborhoods. Color doesn't have anything to do with's economics. That's not to say people of different skin colors tend to live seperately but it's a personal choice.

  6. Atlanta Attracts Wealthy Black Transplants, But Locals ... › news › articles

    Atlanta Attracts Wealthy Black Transplants, But Locals Languish The Super Bowl host city is still a magnet for blacks, but the region ranks terribly in upward mobility.

  7. But we were rich.’ Black residents of St. Pete reflect on generational wealth. ... but not Black people. ... you begin to see the shift in the homes and the faces that live in those homes. As ...

  8. Do rich blacks support white gentrification? | Opinion ... › opinion › do-rich-blacks-support

    Well, the answer is very simple: wealthy blacks should be buying and renovating houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods and in return, hire and train those from the community to help rebuild the community. This is how you give back.

  9. Left: U.S. Is A Racist Hellhole Where Many More Blacks Should ... › 2020/09/09 › the-left-the-united

    We are a country that has to put up walls to keep people out, unlike the nations with actual gulags that put up walls to keep people in. Not even rich black Americans with the means to live in ...

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