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  1. Bouvet Island ( / ˈbuːveɪ / BOO-vay; Norwegian: Bouvetøya [3] [bʉˈvèːœʏɑ]) [4] is an island and dependency of Norway, and declared an uninhabited protected nature reserve. It is a subantarctic volcanic island, situated in the South Atlantic Ocean at the southern end of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and is the world's most remote island.

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      Southeast coast of Bouvet Island in 1898. Bouvetøya (Bouvet...

    • Thompson Island

      Thompson Island continued to appear on maps published as...

    • Larsøya

      Larsøya, sometimes anglicized as Lars Island, is a rocky...

  2. Bouvet Island ( Norwegian: Bouvetøya, also historically known as Liverpool Island or Lindsay Island) is an island in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is in the sub-antarctic areas, 2500 km (1500 miles) south-southwest of the Cape of Good Hope ( South Africa ). [1]

    • 49 km² (19 sq mi), (93% glaciated)
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  3. Jan 9, 2024 · Bouvet Island Bouvet Island, islet in the South Atlantic Ocean. One of the world’s most isolated islands, it lies about 1,500 miles (2,400 km) southwest of the Cape of Good Hope of southern Africa and about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) north of the mainland of Antarctica.

    • The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica
  4. Bouvet Island or Bouvetøya is one of the sub-Antarctic islands, an uninhabited ice-clad place 2,600 km south-southwest of Cape Town. It has a good claim to be the world's most remote island: anywhere within 2,000 km is similarly desolate, such as mainland Antarctica.

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  6. Nov 24, 2022 · A dependent territory of Norway, Bouvet Island in the South Atlantic Ocean is the world's most remote island. Here is its fascinating story. Where is the most remote part of Norway? Many might instantly think of the central mountains, or perhaps the Svalbard archipelago. And both are pretty remote places!

  7. May 1, 2010 · 175 Wiki Travel For a place known as “the loneliest place on earth,” a surprising number of people have tried to claim it. An uninhabited frozen isle halfway between South Africa and Antarctica,...

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