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  1. WATERSHIP DOWN was written for adults, but adolescents often find it more irresistible than their elders do. Although the rabbit characters have a language and a culture, and they converse and interact just as humans do, these are not cap-and-waistcoat picture-book bunnies, but fully realized characters whose conflicts and triumphs keep readers engrossed.

  2. Few books I’ve read—and even fewer children’s books—convey so strong a sense of indebtedness to one’s predecessors as “Watership Down.” All communities—and all individuals—stand on the shoulders of their predecessors, and organize themselves around the stories those forerunners left behind: “Watership Down,” at its heart ...

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  4. Jul 21, 2020 · Watership Down, July WF Book Club. Discussion in 'Discussion of Published Works' started by EFMingo, Jul 21, 2020. ...

  5. I remember when Watership Down was first published in 1972. It was a novel by an unknown English author, Richard Adams. All of a sudden the book Watership Down was absolutely everywhere and people were reading it on buses, trains, park benches — all over the place. It captured everybody's imagination.

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  6. Aug 23, 2006 · Not bad for a book “about bunnies,” as Sawyer described it in the Lost episode “White Rabbit.” Watership Down was one of the first books to appear on Lost, and its story of survivors building a new life for themselves neatly parallels events during the show’s first season. It is seen in “White Rabbit” in which Jack (like a combination of Hazel and Fiver) follows visions of his dead father to the caves where the survivors of Oceanic 815 will have water, shelter, and the ...

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