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    The Emotion Engine is a central processing unit developed and manufactured by Sony Computer Entertainment and Toshiba for use in the PlayStation 2 video game console. It was also used in early PlayStation 3 models sold in Japan and North America (Model Numbers CECHAxx & CECHBxx) to provide PlayStation 2 game support.

    • Description

      The Emotion Engine consists of eight separate "units", each...

    • Fabrication

      The Emotion Engine contained 13.5 million...

    • Packaging

      The Emotion Engine was packaged in a 540-contact plastic...

    • Uses

      The primary use of the Emotion Engine was to serve as the...

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    The first PS3 actually had the EE+GS chip. EE+GS was a die-shrink that had both the Emotion Engine and the Graphics Synthesizer cores on the same die. Later PS3 revisions had the GSX chip, which was one of the earlier die-shrink variants of just the GS prior to the EE+GS. Ohmantics 19:08, 22 October 2015 (UTC)

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    Trnka et al. (2018) proposed framework which conceptually distinguishes five main components of cultural complexity relating to emotions: "1) emotion language, 2) conceptual knowledge about emotions, 3) emotion-related values, 4) feelings rules, i.e. norms for subjective experience, and 5) display rules, i.e. norms for emotional expression."

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    Emotion Engine(エモーション エンジン、略称: EE)は、ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント (SCE) と東芝によって開発され、主にPlayStation 2向けに設計・使用されたMIPS R5900ベースの128ビット RISC マイクロプロセッサである。

    • 294.912 MHz
    • ソニー・コンピュータエンタテインメント, 東芝
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    Emotion Engine oli Sonyn PlayStation 2-konsolissa käyttämä suoritin, joka tehtiin eritysesti konsolia varten. Yhteensopivuuden vuoksi piiri oli mukana myös eräissä PlayStation 3-konsoleissa ennen ohjelmistoemulaation valmistumista.

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    A Emotion Engine é uma CPU desenvolvida e fabricada pela Sony e Toshiba para uso no PlayStation 2 da Sony. Ele consiste em um núcleo baseado na arquitetura MIPS, duas Vector Processing Units (VPU), uma interface gráfica (GIF), uma unidade DMA de 10 canais, um controlador de memória, uma Unidade processamento de Imagens (IPU) e uma interface de entrada e saída.

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    Az Emotion Engine a PlayStation 2 központi processzora, amelyet a Sony és a Toshiba fejlesztett ki. Egy MIPS alapú magból, két vektor processzorból (VPU), egy grafikus interfészből, egy 10 csatornás közvetlen memória-hozzáférésből (DMA), egy memória kontrollerből, egy képfeldolgozó egységből (IPU) és egy bement-kimenet interfészből áll.

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    Emotion Engine Bol vyvinutý spoločne firmami Toshiba a Sony a jeho sériová výroba začala v roku 1999 . Podľa MicroDesign Resources je dvakrát rýchlejší ako 733 MHz Pentium III a 15-krát rýchlejší ako 400 MHz Celeron v úlohách ako napríklad prehrávanie celoobrazovkového videa [1] .

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    Emotion Engine — центральний процесор, який використовується у консолях PlayStation 2.Був розроблений ...

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    In 2012 only three variants were available; Emotion, Dynamic and Active for diesel variant, Active and Dynamic for 1.4 F.I.R.E. engine, and T-Jet & T-Jet + version for Petrol. L'Unico Club [ edit ] In Brazil, Fiat aimed the Linea to compete with Japanese cars, such as Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla , the market leaders for its class.