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  1. James the Less ( Greek: Ἰάκωβος ὁ μικρός Iakōbos ho mikros) is a figure of early Christianity. He is also called "the Minor", "the Little", "the Lesser", or "the Younger", according to translation, James is styled "the Less" to distinguish him from the Apostle James the Great (also called "James the Elder") with "Less" meaning ...

  2. Feb 13, 2019 · The Apostle James, son of Alphaeus, was also known as James the Less or James the Lesser. He's not to be confused with James the Apostle, the first Apostle and the brother of Apostle John.

  3. Sep 11, 2019 · James son of Alphaeus is traditionally identified as James the Less and James the brother of Jesus. If these are all references to the same James, that would make James son of Alphaeus the author of the Book of James and one of the three men Paul called “pillars” of the church.

  4. Apr 3, 2023 · St. James the Less, also known as James the son of Alphaeus, was one of the original twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. Though very little is written or known about this apostle, James the Less was nonetheless called by Jesus to follow Him throughout His ministry and was chosen, commissioned, and later entrusted by Jesus to help lay the ...

  5. James the Less. called the Less because younger or smaller in stature than James the son of Zebedee. He was the son of Alpheus or Clopas and brother of our Lord (see above); was called to the apostolate, together with his younger brother Jude, in the spring of the year 28.

  6. St. James the Less, the author of the first Catholic Epistle, was the son of Alphaeus of Cleophas. His mother Mary was either a sister or a close relative of the Blessed Virgin, and for that reason, according to Jewish custom, he was sometimes called the brother of the Lord.

  7. Jan 5, 2022 · James, son of Alphaeus, is also called “James the Less” (Mark 15:40). The word less should be understood to mean “little” or “younger.” Some Bible versions call him “James the Younger,” but the word may also imply smallness of stature or a lesser importance.

  8. St. James the Less (flourished 1st century ce; Western feast day May 3; Eastern feast day October 9) was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. James may be he whose mother, Mary (not the mother of Jesus), is mentioned among the women at Jesus’ crucifixion and tomb (Mark 15:40, 16:1; Matthew 27:56).

  9. James the Apostle is said the Less, how well that was the elder of age than was St. James the More. He was called also the brother of our Lord, because I have resembled much well our Lord in body, in visage, and of manner.

  10. Jan 5, 2022 · One of the Twelve, James the son of Alphaeus, is called James the Less (or the Younger) in Mark 15:40, where we also learn that his mother’s name was Mary. Scripture does not record much more about James the son of Alphaeus, so we’ll focus on the other disciple, James the son of Zebedee, in this article. When Jesus called James to follow ...

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