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  1. Apr 8, 2022 · Jack Zavada. Updated on April 08, 2022. Simon the Zealot, one of Jesus Christ 's twelve apostles, is a mystery character in the Bible. We have one tantalizing bit of information about him, which has led to ongoing debates among Bible scholars. Simon the Zealot. Also Known as: Simon the Cananaean; Simon the Canaanite; Simon Zelotes.

  2. Very little is known about Simon the Zealot. His name is found four times in the New Testament listed along with the other twelve disciples of Jesus ( Matthew 10:2–4; Mark 3:16–19; Luke 6:13–16; Acts 1:13 ). Some versions, such as the KJV, call him "Simon the Canaanite."

  3. Simon the Zealot. SIMON THE CANAANITE; SIMON THE CANANAEAN; SIMON THE ZEALOT. (Simon Kananaios; kanna'i, "the Jealous (or Zealous) One"): One of the Twelve Apostles. This Simon was also named "the Canaanite" ( Matthew 10:4 Mark 3:18 the King James Version) or "the Cananean" ( Matthew 10:4 Mark 3:18 the Revised Version (British and American)) or ...

  4. Explore the intriguing life of biblical Simon the Zealot, a remarkable disciple from Jesus' diverse group, whose journey from a political zealot to a faithful follower showcases the transformative power of faith.

  5. Jan 4, 2022 · Simon the Zealot was one of Jesus’ disciples. Generally speaking, a zealot is anyone who fervently supports a particular cause. PETA, Greenpeace, and NOW might all be considered organizations that are filled with zealots. In the context of the New Testament, the Zealots were a party zealous for Jewish independence and throwing off Roman rule.

  6. Sep 19, 2019 · September 19, 2019. English. हिन्दी. Simon the Zealot is one of the lesser-known disciples of Jesus Christ, mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible. Despite the limited information available about him, his designation as “the Zealot” offers a glimpse into his possible background and character.

  7. St. Simon, Surnamed the Zealot, Apostle | EWTN. Catholicism. Library. Faith. Mary And Saints. St. Simon, Surnamed the Zealot, Apostle. Author: Rev. Alban Butler. ST SIMON, SURNAMED THE ZEALOT, APOSTLE. Feast: October 28. [See Tillem. t. i. p. 423; also Nicetas Paphlagon in his Encomium Simoms Zelotae, Ap. published by F. Combefis in Auctar. Noviss.

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