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  1. GMO Food Scandal - DRDACH

    The animal and human studies which show harmful effects of GMO foods have been suppressed, and the scientists fired and persecuted, such as the case of Arpad Pusztai . GMO Creates A New Drug Genetic engineering of plants used as human food, in fact, creates a new drug.

  2. World Scientists Statement

    Open Letter from World Scientists to All Governments Concerning Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) The World Scientists Statement dates from 1999. It was superceded by the Independent Science Panel Report in 2003, and by the most recent report Ban GMOs Now in 2013. We are no longer collecting signatures for this statement.

  3. Consumer Perception of Genetically Modified Organisms and ...

    Nov 10, 2015 · Genetically engineered (GE) 4 or genetically modified (GM) foods, or those that contain some genetically modified organisms (GMOs), were introduced to the US market and appeared on supermarket shelves in 1994 with the Flavr Savr tomato .

  4. What Foods are Genetically Modified? |

    Aug 15, 2016 · This new potato that resists browning and has fewer unsightly wasteful bruises has been approved by the USDA for commercial planting. Aquabounty Salmon This new salmon is genetically engineered to reach market size more quickly than non-GE farm-raised Atlantic salmon. It is available to consumers in Canada. Want to learn more about GMOs from the experts?

  5. 11 Scientific Reasons Why You Must Avoid GMOs Now: The ...

    If you are still unconvinced that the effort and expense required to avoid GMOs for your family is worth it, below is a list of 11 scientific reasons why you should reconsider. Processed food containing GMOs is not really food – it is a chemistry experiment. Be sure your family opts out.

  6. Frankenfood = Genetically Modified Foods - Experience Life

    British researchers found a 50 percent jump in soy allergies after the introduction of GMO soy into the country’s food chain. Consequently, the European Union banned genetically modified foods in 1999. The moratorium was lifted in 2004, when strict labeling requirements went into effect.

  7. GMO foods have not proven themselves safe. Here's what to do ...

    Jul 09, 2013 · GMO foods first hit the market in 1996. Since then, most of us have eaten GMOs in many foods, from soybeans, beef, dairy products, corn, beets, sugar, cottonseed, and rapeseed, which is used to make canola oil. According to the USDA, only 3% of planted acres of corn in 1996 were planted with GMO herbicide-tolerant corn. Today, it’s 89%.

  8. The Case for GMOs and Sustainability | Genetic Literacy Project

    Consumer Reports crossed over from independent critic to hard-edged activist on the GMO issue when it hired Michael Hansen, a dedicated ideologue, as its senior scientist more than a decade ago. Like UCS and many other advocacy NGOs, it attempts to sow doubt about the North American regulatory structure.

  9. Why People Oppose GMOs Even Though Science Says They Are Safe ...

    Aug 18, 2015 · The effect is enforced when the introduced DNA comes from a species that is generally deemed disgusting, such as rats or cockroaches. However, DNA is DNA, whatever its source. The impact of disgust explains why people feel more averse towards GM food than other GM applications,...

  10. Top 20 GMO Foods and Ingredients to Avoid

    Jul 24, 2013 · Unfortunately, until the laws change and ban these destructive products, the best protection is to avoid them. The following list outlines the 20 top GMO foods and ingredients you absolutely must avoid. Top GMO Foods and Ingredients to Avoid 1. Aspartame. According to the EPA, aspartame is a chemical that causes neurotoxicity. Keep in mind that ...

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    related to: british food scientists who studied gmo potatoes list