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  1. The Mamluks are blue zombie soldiers that serve Mozenrath. The Mukhtar (voiced by John Kassir) is a reptilian humanoid, apparently the last surviving member of the race of Mukhtars, sworn enemies of Genies. Though Mukhtars would generally hunt Genies just for the honor, the last Muktar acknowledges that times have changed, and now he hunts ...

  2. Coptic history is the part of the history of Egypt that begins with the introduction of Christianity in Egypt in the 1st century AD during the Roman period, and covers the history of the Copts to the present day.

  3. The Battle of Ain Jalut (Arabic: معركة عين جالوت, romanized: Ma'rakat ‘Ayn Jālūt), also spelled Ayn Jalut, was fought between the Bahri Mamluks of Egypt and the Mongol Empire on 3 September 1260 (25 Ramadan 658 AH) in southeastern Galilee in the Jezreel Valley near what is known today as the Spring of Harod (Arabic: عين جالوت, romanized: ‘Ayn Jālūt, lit.

  4. Etymology. The modern Arabic word for a castle is qalʿa (قلعة), but Krak des Chevaliers is known as a "ḥiṣn" (حصن, pronounced ḥoṣn [ħɔsˤn] in Syrian Arabic), or "fort".

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    Formal theory. Formally, a string is a finite, ordered sequence of characters such as letters, digits or spaces. The empty string is the special case where the sequence has length zero, so there are no symbols in the string.

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  7. 1260: Battle of Ain Jalut between the Egyptian Mamluks and the Mongols which took place in the Jezreel Valley. 1291: Fall of Acre which resulted in the Crusaders loss of their last major stronghold of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem. 1517–1917 The Ottoman period Ottoman Empire Ottoman Syria / Southern Syria / Arz-i-Filistin

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