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  1. Knee brace. Bracing your knee can address instability — a common PCL symptom. Physical therapy. Certain exercises can help strengthen and stabilize your knee. Surgery. If your PCL injury is severe, surgery may be necessary for full rehabilitation. In most cases, knee arthroscopy is performed to reconstruct your ligament. This procedure is ...

  2. Oct 08, 2021 · PCL tears typically occur when the knee is bent, such as during a fall with the knee pointed downward or in car accident in which the bent knee jams into the dashboard. A hard blow to the shinbone just below the knee, as might happen in football or soccer, also can injure the PCL, as can a misstep on an uneven surface.

  3. PCL injuries are traumatic knee injuries that may lead to posterior knee instability and often present in combination with other ipsilateral ligamentous knee injuries (i.e PLC, ACL). Diagnosis can be suspected clinically with a traumatic knee effusion and increased laxity on a posterior drawer test but requires an MRI for confirmation.

  4. An injury to the posterior cruciate ligament requires a powerful force. A common cause of injury is a bent knee hitting a dashboard in a car accident or a football player falling on a knee that is bent. Additionally, damage to the PCL can result from a severe twisting injury or contact injury during sport. Anatomy

  5. A study in 2010 analyzed the effect of PCL dynamic brace on 21 patients for one year, found a reduction by 2.3mm of posterior tibial drawing at 12 months. This reflects the intrinsic healing capacity of the PCL and the effect of the PCL brace on reducing the grade of the injury.

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  7. Oct 11, 2022 · The depth add comes as starter Dalton Schultz continues to deal with a PCL sprain. The veteran, playing this season under the franchise tag, sustained the injury in Week 2’s win over Cincinnati.

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