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    Saint Peter[5](died between AD 64 and 68 on the Vatican Hill),[1]also known as Peter the Apostle, Peter the Rock, Simon Peter, Simeon, Simonor Cephas,[6]was one of the Twelve Apostlesof Jesus Christ, and one of the first leaders of the early Church.

    • AD 30
    • John (or Jonah; Jona)
    • Between AD 64–68
    • Bishop of Rome (according to tradition): Linus, Bishop of Antioch (according to tradition): Evodius
  2. Saint Peter, also known as 'Simon Peter’, was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus and the first Bishop of Rome. The ancient Christian churches consider him to be the founder of the Roman Church and the Church of Antioch, but have differences in opinion about the supremacy of his present day successors.

  3. In 1950 human bones were discovered beneath the alter of St. Peter's Basilica and many claimed they belonged to Peter. In 1953 an excavation found St. Peter's tomb in Jerusalem bearing his previous name Simon, as well as the tombs of the other apostles, Mary, and Jesus. In the 1960s, discarded debris from the excavation beneath St. Peter's ...

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    The author of the Acts of the Apostles portrays Peter as an extremely important figure within the early Christian community, although it is not clear whether Peter or James, "the Lord's brother," is the leading figure in the Jerusalem church. Peter did play the key role early on. He took the lead in selecting a replacement for Judas Iscariot (Acts ...

    Various sayings and acts are attributed to Peter in the New Testament Apocrypha, all of which are considered by most scholars to originate from a period later than the synoptic gospels, and usually from the second century C.E.While some of these traditions have come to be accepted by orthodox traditions, others are considered legendary, and some ar...

    In the Roman Catholic Church, Peter's leadership role among the apostles lies at the root of the leadership role of the pope among the bishops of the Church as the body of Christ. Popes wear the Fisherman's Ring, which bears an image of the saint casting his nets from a fishing boat. The keys used as a symbol of the pope's authority refer to the "k...

    New Testament

    The New Testament includes two letters (epistles)ascribed to Peter. However, the majority of modern scholars do not believe that the letters are genuinely written by Saint Peter. The textual features of these two epistles indicate that they were not written by the same hand. Moreover, both epistles demonstrate a high quality of cultured and urban Greek, a fact at odds with the linguistic skill expected from an Aramaic-speaking fisherman, who would have learned Greek as a second or third langu...

    Pseudepigrapha and apocrypha

    There are also a number of other apocryphalwritings that have been either attributed to or written about Saint Peter. They were from antiquity regarded as pseudepigrapha. These include: 1. Gospel of Peter, a Docetic narrative that has survived only in part 2. Acts of Peter,from which several traditions about Peter have passed into accepted tradition 3. A Letter of Peter to Philip, which was preserved in the Nag Hammadi library 4. The Apocalypse of Peter, which was considered as genuine by man...

    In Roman Catholic religious doctrine and tradition, Saint Peter is the patron saintof the following categories

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    • man crucified head downwards
    • February 22, June 29, November 18
    • ~64
    • Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome
  4. Mar 12, 2021 · Saint Peter Heals the Cripple Lawrence OP (CC BY-NC-ND) Peter is the first to sanction the Gentile believers. Luke presented an elaborate story of Peter and the God-fearing Cornelius the centurion. Peter received a vision of a large sheet holding all the animals of the earth, with a voice saying, "Get up, Peter, kill and eat."

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