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  1. 8 Effective Event Marketing Examples | Constant Contact › 8-event-marketing
    • User conferences. Conferences can be extremely attractive to people from all walks of life – even for industries you might not expect. They can also be great networking events, and typically have a theme relevant to the industry.
    • Pop-up shops. Pop-ups are all the rage right now, from Boston to San Francisco, and everywhere in between. Rainbow Room, an iconic dining venue in New York City, launched a pop-up bar in 2017.
    • Networking events & mixers. Networking events don’t have to be industry specific, but they can expand your reach both in and outside of your local area.
    • Lunch and learns. Invite your customers, potential clients, or donors to join you for a lunch they won’t forget – as they learn about your business. As an example, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit teaching others about their experience in the industry, how to get started, and what to expect.
  2. 13 Super Cool Examples of Experiential Marketing (Engage Your ... › 13-super-cool-examples
    • “I Wanna Have a Sleepover in IKEA” of IKEA (2011) When furniture retail giant IKEA found out about the Facebook group that called themselves “I wanna have a sleepover in IKEA”, it invited 100 winners out of the almost 100,000 members to a sleepover inside its furniture warehouse in Essex in the UK.
    • “Livestrong Chalkbot” of Nike (2009) Nike carved its name in experiential marketing with this award-winning campaign, meant to raise cancer awareness and promote Livestrong, the cancer foundation of Tour de France perennial champion Lance Armstrong, who is also famous for being a cancer survivor.
    • “Guinness Class” of Guinness (2012) Guinness did not have a new product, and it did not have any new offering. But that did not stop it from coming up with a new campaign to build up on what it already has.
    • “D Rose Jump Store” of Adidas and Derrick Rose (2013) Getting Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose to sign a 13-year exclusive contract may have cost Adidas close to $185 million, but there is no denying that it was one profitable partnership, made even more successful by its experiential marketing strategy.
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  4. Aug 20, 2019 · Even if you have unlimited resources, it’s a challenge to choose the right kind of events to plan and the correct event type (in-person, virtual, or hybrid), while maintaining a consistent brand and finding the right content. Company Goals. Strategic event planning starts with identifying organizational goals and using events to reach those ...

  5. 15 Social Media Marketing Examples to Inspire You in 2021 ... › social-media

    Dec 21, 2020 · A lot of social media marketing examples for 2020 revolve around the coronavirus crisis, as that has plagued the world since the start of the year. This is yet another example of how companies are dealing with the crisis and leveraging social media marketing tactics to their advantage.

  6. Five Examples of Marketing Activities | Your Business › five-examples
    • Lead Generation Activities. Lead generation is the process of collecting contact details of prospects so that a sales team can follow up and convert them to paying customers.
    • Generating Leads Through Telemarketing. Telemarketing is a form of marketing conducted over the telephone. One of its most important roles is supplementing the sales force.
    • Market Education and Price Justification. Market education is a valuable tool for companies that market complex products or services whose benefits may not be immediately obvious to customers and prospects.
    • Channel Marketing Activities. Channel marketing is important to companies marketing their products through retailers or distributors. Channel marketing consists of support and training to ensure that channel partners have the skills, product knowledge and commitment to market the company’s products effectively.
  7. 30 Brilliant Email Marketing Examples (Best B2B & B2C Examples) › stories › email-marketing-examples

    Jun 19, 2019 · Example #20: Billy Gene. This next webinar example, from Billy Gene is Marketing, makes good use of a funny video they created, but that’s not all they do well. Within the first three sentences they: Capture your attention with a funny pop-culture reference. Mention the exact date and time of their webinar.

  8. How to Write an Event Report - wikiHow › Write-an-Event-Report

    Dec 19, 2020 · Samples, reproductions, and other on-site examples are good to include. Report the number of people who received sponsor coupons, etc. Document both on-site and off-site exposure generated by the event, in the media, to the audience, for sponsors. 3 Document all advertising and media exposure.

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  9. 12 Excellent Customer Retention Examples From Top Brands ... › customer-retention-examples

    Dec 28, 2020 · The Aerie clothing brand Instagram is a great example of how a brand can use its social media marketing strategy to create a sense of community. The brand uses its content to share stories and messages that empower their audience. Recommended Reading: How to Use Instagram for Business: A Beginner’s Guide with Examples. 11. Ask for Feedback ...

  10. Marketing Mix Definition and Examples | InvestingAnswers › dictionary › m

    6 days ago · Trade show events; Radio ads; Television Ads; Store demonstrations; There’s really no limit to the creativity that marketers use to develop their marketing mix elements. Similar products often use different marketing mixes in the hope of reaching a slightly different target market (or covering part of the market their competitors haven't).

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