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    Pittsburgh was named in 1758, by General John Forbes, in honor of British statesman William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham. As Forbes was a Scot, he probably pronounced the name / ˈ p ɪ t s b ər ə / PITS-bər-ə (similar to Edinburgh).

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      Pittsburgh was named in 1758, by General John Forbes, in...

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      Pittsburgh has an area of 58.3 square miles, of which 55.6...

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      Pittsburgh has a rich history in arts and culture dating...

  2. History of Pittsburgh - Wikipedia

    Pittsburgh was a Republican party stronghold until 1932. The soaring unemployment of the Great Depression, the New Deal relief programs and the rise of powerful labor unions in the 1930s turned the city into a liberal stronghold of the New Deal Coalition under powerful Democratic mayors.

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    Pittsburgh (spelled as "Pittsburg" from 1891-1911), is a city in the American state of Pennsylvania. The city was known in the 20th century for its steel industry.

  4. Name of Pittsburgh - Wikipedia

    Pittsburgh was named in honor of William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, often referred to as William Pitt the Elder to distinguish him from his son William Pitt the Younger.

  5. University of Pittsburgh - Wikipedia

    The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) is a public research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pitt was founded as the Pittsburgh Academy in 1787 on the edge of the American frontier. It developed and was renamed as Western University of Pennsylvania by a change to its charter in 1819.

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    Pittsburgh International Airport is the busiest airport in western Pennsylvania and the second-busiest airport in the state, after Philadelphia International Airport. In 2018 it served 9,658,897 passengers, a 7.5% rise from the previous year.

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    Dountoun Pittsburgh retains substantial economic influence, rankin at 25t in the naition for jobs athin the urban core an 6t in job density. The characteristic shape o Pittsburgh's central business destrict is a triangular tract carved bi the confluence o the Allegheny an Monongahela rivers, which form the Ohio River.

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL first took to the field as the Pittsburgh Pirates on September 20, 1933, losing 23–2 to the New York Giants. Through the 1930s, the Pirates never finished higher than second place in their division, or with a record better than .500 ().

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    Pittsburg/Bay Point station, Pittsburg, California; Pittsburg Center station, Pittsburg, California; West Pittsburg station, former train station and proposed museum in West Pittsburg, Pennsylvania; Other uses. Pittsburg (Hasidic dynasty) founded in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. Pittsburg State University, a public university located in Pittsburg, Kansas

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    Pittsburgh on kaupunki Ohion lähdejokien Alleghenyn ja Monongahelan yhtymäkohdassa Pennsylvaniassa Yhdysvaltojen itäosassa. Asukkaita varsinaisessa kaupungissa oli 328 000 (2002), mutta esikaupunkeineen jo 1,8 miljoonaa asukasta.