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    The Bronx was the setting for the 1983 film Fuga dal Bronx, also known as Bronx Warriors 2 and Escape 2000, an Italian B-movie best known for its appearance on the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000. The plot revolves around a sinister construction corporation's plans to depopulate, destroy and redevelop the Bronx, and a band of ...

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    The Bronx's major-label debut was The Bronx (2006), a second eponymous album that was supported by singles and music videos for "History's Stranglers", "White Guilt" and "Shitty Future". Ken Horne of The Dragons played some guitar parts on the album, and soon joined the band as second guitarist.

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    The Bronx is the northmaist o the five burghs o New York Ceety.Coextensive wi Bronx Coonty, it wis the last o the 62 counties o New York State tae be incorporatit. Locatit north o Manhattan an Queens, an sooth o Westchester Coonty, the Bronx is the anerlie burgh that is locatit primarily on the mainland (a vera sma portion o Manhattan, the Marble Hill neebourheid, is pheesically locatit on the ...

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    The Bronx is the northern part of New York City, United States. The name came from Bronck's Farms, owned by a settler called Jonas Bronck. The Bronx was once the southern part of Westchester County , but is now one of the five boroughs of New York City as well as a county in New York State called Bronx County .

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    The Bronx is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California. It was created in 2002. It was created in 2002. The band's current line-up is vocalist Matt Caughthran , guitarists Joby J. Ford and Ken Horne, bass guitarist Brad Magers, and drummer Joey Castillo .

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    The Bronx, de multe ori doar Bronx, este unul din cele cinci mari cartiere ale orașului New York (în engleză, boroughs).The Bronx este cel mai nordic din aceste cinci cartiere, fiind totodată singurul care este situat în partea continentală a Statelor Unite și nu se găsește pe o insulă.Este cartierul in care faimoasa cantareata si actrita Jennifer Lopez s-a nascut.

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    The Bronx Is Burning (stylized as The Bronx is Burning) is a television drama that debuted on ESPN on July 10, 2007, after the 2007 MLB Home Run Derby.It is an eight-episode mini-series adapted from Jonathan Mahler's best-selling book, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx Is Burning.

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    The Bronx (AFI: /ˈbrɔŋks/; in inglese [ˈbrɒŋks]) è una delle cinque suddivisioni amministrative in cui è divisa la città di New York.Situato a nord di Manhattan, il suo territorio corrisponde a quello della contea del Bronx, che rappresenta una ripartizione dello Stato di New York.

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    Bronx (virallisesti The Bronx) on piirikunta (engl. county) ja kaupunginosa (engl. borough) New Yorkin kaupungissa Yhdysvalloissa.Bronxissa asuu noin 1,3 miljoonaa ihmistä. Se sijaitsee kaupungin pohjoisosassa ja on ainoa New Yorkin kaupungin alueista, joka sijaitsee mantereel

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