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  1. Catherine de Valois. Henry's widow Catherine de Valois (1401-1437) married Owen Tudor, a Welsh squire, and one of her three sons, Edmund, Earl of Richmond was the father of the future Henry VII. Her funeral took place on 10th February 1437. Solemn vespers for the dead were sung on the eve of the funeral.

  2. Jan 21, 2020 · Catherine of Valois, daughter of King Charles VI of France and his consort, Isabella of Bavaria, was born in Paris. Her earliest years saw conflict and poverty within the royal family. Her father's mental illness and her mother's rumored rejection of her may have created an unhappy childhood. Betrothed to Charles, Heir of Louis, Duke of Bourbon

  3. Catherine of Valois (27 October 1401 – 3 January 1437) was the queen of Henry V of England and the mother of Henry VI of England. She was the daughter of King Charles VI of France and his wife Isabelle of Bavaria. Catherine had a secret relationship with Owen Tudor. Through this she became the grandmother of Henry VII of England.

  4. Jun 2, 2020 · The story of Catherine of Valois begins in Paris on October 27th 1401. She was born as the tenth child of King Charles VI of France and his wife, Isabeau of Bavaria. The arrival of another...

  5. Catherine of Valois–Courtenay; Princess consort of Taranto, Princess consort of Achaea, and Queen consort of Albania: Latin Empress; Reign: 11 October 1307 – October 1346: Predecessor: Catherine I and Charles: Successor: Robert II: Co-ruler: Philip II (1313–1331)

  6. Born Catherine on October 27, 1401, at the Hôtel de St. Pôl, Paris, France; died of breast cancer on January 3, 1437, at Bermondsey Abbey, London, after a lengthy illness; buried in Westminster Abbey; daughter of Charles VI the Mad (1368–1422), king of France (r. 1380–1422), and Isabeau of Bavaria (1371–1435); sister of Isabella of Valois (c. 13...

  7. Catherine of Valois or Catherine of France was Queen of England from 1420 until 1422. A daughter of Charles VI of France, she was married to Henry V of England and gave birth to his heir Henry VI of England. Catherine's marriage was part of a plan to eventually place Henry V on the throne of France, and perhaps end what is now known as the Hundred Years' War, but although her son Henry VI was ...

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