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  1. Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia,_Holy_Roman_Emperor

    Elected in 1658, Leopold ruled the Holy Roman Empire until his death in 1705, becoming the longest-ruling Habsburg emperor (46 years and 9 months). Leopold's reign is known for conflicts with the Ottoman Empire in the east and rivalry with Louis XIV , a contemporary and first cousin, in the west.

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  3. Leopold III, Duke of Austria - Wikipedia,_Duke_of_Austria

    Leopold III (1 November 1351 – 9 July 1386), known as the Just, a member of the House of Habsburg, was Duke of Austria from 1365. As head and progenitor of the Leopoldian line, he ruled over the Inner Austrian duchies of Carinthia, Styria and Carniola as well as the County of Tyrol and Further Austria from 1379 until his death.

  4. Leopold von Habsburg, I (1290 - 1326) - Genealogy

    Mar 07, 2010 · Leopold I (4 August 1290 - 28 February 1326) was a Duke of Austria and Styria from the Habsburg family. He was the third son of King Albert I of Germany and Elisabeth of Tirol. He was a brother of Duke Frederick III the Handsome (also King of the Romans).

  5. Leopold I | Die Welt der Habsburger

    Leopold I became emperor after the sudden death of his brother Ferdinand IV. Originally destined for a career in the Church, his strict religious upbringing made him a zealous proponent of the Counter-Reformation. During his long reign the Habsburg Monarchy waged numerous wars, against France, the Ottoman Empire and internal enemies in Hungary. As a Baroque ruler, Leopold

  6. Leopold von Habsburg (1586 - 1632) - Genealogy

    Wappen von Leopold V. in der Jesuitenkirche Molsheim. Erzherzog Leopold V. (* 9. Oktober 1586 in Graz; † 13. September 1632 in Schwaz, Tirol) aus dem Haus Habsburg war der Sohn von Erzherzog Karl II., Bruder von Kaiser Ferdinand II., Vater von Ferdinand Karl von Tirol, Bischof von Passau und Straßburg (bis 1625), Regent von Tirol ...

    • Maria Anna of Bavaria
  7. Leopold I von Österreich, Kaiser HRRÖsterreich...

    Aug 22, 2019 · Genealogy for Emperor Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor Ignaz Joseph Balthasar Felician von Österreich (Habsburg), Kaiser des Heiligen Römischen Reiches Deutscher Nation (1640 - 1705) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives.

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  8. Leopold V, Archduke of Austria - Wikipedia,_Archduke_of_Austria

    Leopold V, Archduke of Further Austria (October 9, 1586 – September 13, 1632) was the son of Archduke Charles II of Inner Austria, and the younger brother of Emperor Ferdinand II, father of Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Further Austria.

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    Leopold is a man of industry and education, who shows some political ability and is always polite and complimentary.

    Leopold I

    Leopold's reign is known for conflicts with the Ottoman Empire in the east and rivalry with Louis XIV, a contemporary and first cousin, in the west. After more than a decade of warfare, Leopold emerged victorious from the Great Turkish Warthanks to the military talents of Prince Eugene of Savoy. By the Treaty of Karlowitz, Leopold recovered almost all of the Kingdom of Hungary, which had fallen under Turkish power in the years after the 1526 Battle of Mohács. Leopold fought three wars against...

    He is a recently widowed man. He is treated more as an honored guest of Versailles than a prisoner of war. During his stay at Versailles, his attention is fixed on Marie-Thérèse of Spain. Louis offers Leopold troops to protect Vienna from the Ottoman Empire in exchange for Luxembourg and Strasbourg, unfortunately, Leopold stately those territories were personally given to him by the Vatican.

    Leopold had a very extravagent fashion-style and wrote his own music. By the way, his appearance was very different from the one in the series. He should have had dark and voluminous hair, a mustac...

  10. Archduke Leopold Ferdinand of Austria - Wikipedia

    In 1892 and 1893 Leopold accompanied Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria on a sea voyage through the Suez Canal and on to India and Australia.The relationship between the two Archdukes was extremely bad and their permanent attempts to outdo and humiliate the other one led the Kaiser Franz Joseph to order Leopold Ferdinand to return to Austria immediately.