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    4 days ago · Definition[edit] Metaphysics is the study of the most general features of reality, including existence, objects and their properties, possibility and necessity, space and time, change, causation, and the relation between matter and mind. It is one of the oldest branches of philosophy. [1]

  2. 4 days ago · At the beginning of Nietzsche and Philosophy entitled “The Tragic,” Gilles Deleuze opens with an awareness and a danger. In 1962, at a historical moment when philosophical shifts are beginning to take place and will soon acquire a sustained momentum for a significant number of transitions (the end of metaphysics, anti-humanism, the death of the subject, the fragility of language, and post ...

  3. 4 days ago · Metaphysics, written around 350 BCE, is among Greek philosohper Aristotle's most notable works. The text includes an excerpt from part seven of the ten part work. This source is a part of the Diversity and Change in Greco-Roman Religious Beliefs teaching module. Aristotle, Metaphysics, c. 350 BCE.

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    2 days ago · Philosophy. Philosophy ( φιλοσοφία, 'love of wisdom', in Ancient Greek) is a systematic study of general and fundamental questions concerning topics like existence, reason, knowledge, value, mind, and language. It is a rational and critical inquiry that reflects on its own methods and assumptions. Historically, many of the individual ...

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    2 days ago · In metaphysics, ontologyis the philosophicalstudy of being. It investigates what types of entities exist, how they are grouped into categories, and how they are related to one another on the most fundamental level (and whether there even is a fundamental level).[1] Ontologists often try to determine what the categories or highest kinds are and ...

  6. 4 days ago · 2 Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2050, Australia * Correspondence: Abstract: The literature on metaphysical explanation contains three widely accepted assumptions. First, that the notion of metaphysical explanation with which philosophers are interested is a notion

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  8. 5 days ago · 10. Conclusions. In concluding our exploration of Pannenberg’s method and metaphysics, it is cru-cial to encapsulate the distinctive features that define his theological approach. Notably, Pannenberg’s methodology is hermeneutics that considers the totality of the history of the universe as the contextual whole.

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