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    2 hours ago · Sanskrit and Prakrit languages may be divided into Old Indo-Aryan (1500 BCE – 600 BCE), Middle Indo-Aryan (600 BCE – 1000 CE) and New Indo-Aryan (1000 CE – present), each can further be subdivided in early, middle or second, and late evolutionary substages.

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    1 day ago · Indo-Aryan refers to the populations speaking an Indo-Aryan language or identifying as Indo-Aryan. These ethnolinguistic groups, which form the predominant group in Northern India, [86] are often used to attribute caste and ethnicity, and they are still implemented in the Reservation in India and the Quota system in Pakistan .

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    1 day ago · Unlike many Indo-Aryan languages, but in common with Punjabi, Hindko varieties have a system of pitch accent, which is commonly referred to as tone. In Punjabi, pitch accent has historically arisen out of the loss of voiced aspirates (/bʱ dʱ ɖʱ dʒʱ ɡʱ ɦ/.

    • c. 5 million (2017)
    • Pakistan
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    1 day ago · The Biharis (listen (help · info)) is a demonym given to the inhabitants of the Indian state of Bihar. Bihari people can be separated into three main Indo-Aryan ethnolinguistic groups, Bhojpuris, Maithils and Magadhis. They are also further divided into a variety of hereditary caste groups.

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    1 day ago · Rangpuri is a Bengali-Assamese language spoken by the people of Rangpur Division in Bangladesh. Many are bilingual in Bengali.According to Glottolog, it forms the Central-Eastern Kamta group with the Kamta language.

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    1 day ago · 2004, Wilson G. Pond, Encyclopedia of Animal Science (Print), CRC Press , page 899 Attempts are now being made, by selection, to create a new breed of yak (the Datong yak ) from such crosses. Hybridization of domestic yak with local cattle, at intermediate elevations, has been practiced for generations.

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